If you use Tableau, you need Akiri Solutions.

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Akiri's Data Bridge and Disaster Recovery products solve common Enterprise problems through patented technology, domain expertise, and creative ingenuity.


Specializing in Tableau Server and data management, Akiri's team can design and build you the custom solution you need to get more out of your software investment. 

No more maintenance windows, no more downtime


Akiri Anytime syncs your active and standby Tableau Server environments, allowing you to easily switch environments with one click for scheduled maintenance/upgrades and giving you peace of mind with automatic failover during outages. With Akiri TurboSync's fast backup and restore, there's minimal data loss, so your users won't even know they're using different machines and you get the most out of your investment in Tableau Server!   


Securely access your data from any cloud application


Akiri's Data Bridge (patent pending) empowers business users with the ability to securely access data behind the firewall from any cloud-based applications they want, without any IT involvement or infosec risk. 


What can Akiri do for you?

Specializing in custom solutions for Tableau Server, Akiri Solutions is a professional services group that does it all. 


Software Architecture

Technical Design

Software Development

Git Migration